The refractory industry needs phenolic resin as a bonding agent, and among many bonding agents, only phenolic resin is an ideal choice with good effect. If you are currently operating in the refractory industry, if you have not yet chosen phenolic resin as a binder, if you want to continue the development of your business, you should choose phenolic resin as a binder and put it into production. Phenolic resin is an early industrial synthetic resin and the crystallization of the wisdom of scientific researchers. It is also a product of the development of the refractory industry.

Binder is the emission of toxic pollutants from refractory materials, which not only pollutes the environment and destroys environmental protection, but also for the indispensable substances in materials and products, some companies only consider the price of the binder when choosing products, while ignoring the performance and hazards. From the early tar pitch to the current phenolic resin, the change is more than just the product but the direction of the industry’s development. Not only the performance of tar pitch cannot fully meet the demand, but also the working environment of a large number of front-line workers will be destroyed during the use process, posing a threat to the health of workers. The phenolic resin completely avoids these disadvantages. Not only can all aspects of performance meet the various needs of refractory production, but also there is no large amount of toxic smoke emission during use. The current modified phenolic resin has improved the performance of the phenolic resin to meet the needs of some special refractory products. Now that environmental protection and low carbon are a calling slogan, the development of the refractory industry will definitely be green refractory, so the use of environmentally friendly phenolic resin as a binder is a must for the development of the industry.
There are many phenolic resin companies, and the production technology and sc.

Post time: Aug-15-2021

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