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  • Phenolic resin wastewater treatment method

    Phenolic resin is one of the important raw materials in industries such as brake pads and abrasives. The waste water generated during the production of phenolic resin is a difficult problem for manufacturers. Phenolic resin production wastewater contains high concentrations of phenols, aldehydes,...
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  • Application of phenolic resin in refractory industry

    The refractory industry needs phenolic resin as a bonding agent, and among many bonding agents, only phenolic resin is an ideal choice with good effect. If you are currently operating in the refractory industry, if you have not yet chosen phenolic resin as a binder, if you want to continue the de...
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  • How to prevent accidents in the use of resin grinding wheels

    Resin grinding wheel is a widely used grinding tool. It is usually composed of abrasives, adhesives and reinforcing materials. Breaking during operation will not only cause death or serious injury accidents, but also cause serious damage to the workshop or the shell. In order to reduce and contro...
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