Phenolic resin is one of the important raw materials in industries such as brake pads and abrasives. The waste water generated during the production of phenolic resin is a difficult problem for manufacturers.

Phenolic resin production wastewater contains high concentrations of phenols, aldehydes, resins and other organic substances, and has the characteristics of high organic concentration, high toxicity, and low pH. There are many processing methods for treating phenol-containing wastewater, and the widely used methods include biochemical methods, chemical oxidation methods, extraction methods, adsorption methods, and gas stripping methods.
In recent years, many new methods have emerged, such as catalytic oxidation method, liquid membrane separation method, etc., but in actual phenolic resin wastewater treatment projects, especially in order to meet discharge standards, biochemical methods are still the mainstream method. For example, the following phenolic resin wastewater treatment method.
First, conduct a condensation treatment on the phenolic resin wastewater, extract and recover the resin from it. Then, chemicals and catalysts are added to the phenolic resin wastewater after the primary condensation treatment, and the secondary condensation treatment is performed to remove phenol and formaldehyde.

The phenolic resin wastewater after the secondary condensation treatment is mixed with the pump wastewater, the pH value is adjusted to 7-8, and it is allowed to stand still. Then continue to add ClO2 to catalytically oxidize the wastewater to further reduce the content of formaldehyde and COD. Then add FeSO4, and adjust the pH value to 8-9 to remove ClO2 brought by the previous step.
The pre-treated phenolic resin wastewater will be subjected to SBR biochemical treatment to remove pollutants in the water through microorganisms.
The phenolic resin production wastewater is pre-treated first, and then regenerated, so that the wastewater can reach the standard.

Post time: Aug-15-2021

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